Urbanesia TV

David Fane - Urbanesia Festival

Writer, actor and comedian David Fane, invites you to join in the fun at Elevated Family Park Jam and PolyCultural Storm, two events happening in the final weekend of Urbanesia Festival 2016.

Jermaine Dean - Urbanesia Festival

Tautai Pacific Arts Trust is hosting a range of events around Ponsonby and K Rd this weekend, including a craft workshop with members of the SaVAge K’lub, an art market and a fia fia night featuring work by Jermaine Dean from FAF SWAG

Beau Monga - Urbanesia Festival

Check out Beau Monga, beatboxer, dancer and vocalist. He's just one of the many great performers you can see at Urbanesia.

Rosanna Raymond - Urbanesia Festival

Watch Urbanesia artist Rosanna Raymond perform her poem 'An Eyeland Adventure with Old Winds,' by her alter-ego Sistar S’pacific. Music by SaVAge Riddim, Eno (Eden Jouavel). 

Fatu Feu'u - Urbanesia Festival

Renowned Samoan artist Fatu Feu'u comments on the increase of Pacific artists working in New Zealand. 

Music credit: 'Samoae Maopoopo Mai', written and performed by Vaniah Toloa, on the album 'Tofi O Tamatane', produced by record label Keila Records.